SEO, Social ...

feindura has it all, but SEO overvalued. What you need is great content!

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Website Owners

feindura has a nice interface and all the features you need.

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Web Designer

Design the web site you want and let no template structure limit your abilities!

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DashboardSimple yet helpfull website statistics.The pages of your website.Edit pages with a full WYSIWYG editor.Easily select images by drag n drop for an image gallery.Change basic website settings.Set user permissions.Set up your categories.Create and download backups easily.Set the paths of you feindura CMS installation.


   All the SEO you need

Pretty URLs

Use pretty URLs to make you site urls speak. All what you need is an Apache Server with mod_rewrite enabled.

Sitemap Files

Generates a Sitemap file when a page is saved and send it automatically to Google, Bing and Yahoo to faster index your web site. 

Social Meta Tags

Automatically adds social meta tags like Open Graphs and Schemas for Facebook, Google+ and others to your sites meta tags.


   Edit content with ease

Easy to use interface

Its responsive and beautifu. You know look and feel is everything.


Edit your pages like they look inside the website. (And a full frontend edit modus is coming too)

Integrated Statistics

So you can see your current visitors, where they come from and even which searchwords led to your site. 

Multi-language backend

feindura is currently translated into english, german, french, Italian, russian and romanian.

Manage your files online

With the filemanager you can upload lots of files at once and organize them easily.

Plugins - add more functionality

Plugins advance your pages. feindura comes with an Image Gallery, Contact Form, Slide Show and a Page Rating Plugin.

Backup system

You can create and download backups anytime, to save all your pages and settings.

Add RSS 2.0/Atom Feeds

You can activate Feeds for any category, to keep you visitors up to date.

Edit your CSS or other files

More advanced users can edit their CSS or other website important files in feindura with nice syntax highlighting.


  Get your web site right like you want it!

Just HTML,CSS and a little PHP

You don't have to learn another template language, just use your HTML/CSS skills and a little bit of PHP and you are good to go.

No database

This makes it easy to transfer feindura from your local testing server to production. Just upload, change the paths and you're done.

HTML 5 ready

feindura has the meta tags you need to start a HTML 5 web site. It even adds the <time> tag to each date, generated by feindura, so future apps will like your site!

Create multilanguage web sites

Its a breeze to add multiple languages to your web site and If you haven't translated every page, feindura displays automatically the existing language for that page.

Add custom styles for your clients

With the Editor styles feature you can give you clients a set of preset styles, so your web sites content looks always how you intended it.

Vistors timezone

If you're planing a international web site, then displaying events in your visitors timezone is important. feindura uses a javascript to get that timezone for you, so your visitors will always know which time to meditate on dec 21, 2012.

Create plugins

Plugins are a great way to enhance functionality for your clients. Consider to create your own and share them with the community.

Create your own apps

With Add-ons you can create your own apps running inside the feindura backend. Check out the example add-on to see how.

Add code snippets to any page

With code snippets you allow your clients to add pre-written PHP code to pages, anywhere they want.