Check out the demo and read getting started!

feindura 2.0.7 + demo site

If you are new to feindura and want to play around with an example website download this package.

feindura 2.0.7

If you already used feindura and want to start with just the plain cms to build you own websites from scratch, then this is your package.

feindura 2.0.7 update

If you want to update your current feindura installation from any of the previous versions, download this package. For updating from 1.x read this before and for updating from 2.0 or 2.0.1 please read this.

Just copy the files into your feindura folder (e.g. "/cms/") and go to the dashboard in the backend to update your content.

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Here can you find resources for feindura, from Plugins to Editor Styles. If you have build a plugin and want to share it, please contact me.



 Example Plugin

This example plugin shows you how you can develop your own ones.



 Example Add-on

This example add-on shows you how you can develop your own ones.



 Editor Bootstrap Styles 0.1

Contains styles of the Bootstrap CSS Framwork, like Badges, Alerts and Div-Span sizes for the CKEditor.