I get all this permission errors and i can't save my pages!

This is probably because your Server runs PHP as Apache modul, therefor your script can't change the files you uploaded.
You can either change PHP to run as (Fast)CGI, or you have to set the permissions of the /cms/pages/, /cms/config/, /cms/statistic/ and /cms/upload/ folder to 777 (Which is world writeable, so its not recommended).


I uploaded feindura and i get an Server Error 500?

This could be because of the .htaccess inside the feindura cms folder. Try to remove lines you think can cause this or delete the .htaccess all together. Its only purpose is to speed up the backend page loding time, by enabeling caching and increase the PHP max. upload size.


I changed something in my web sites code, but i can't see the changes

Did you checked that you aren't looking at a chached page? Better turn the caching feature of when you edit your website, or log into feindura, so it won't show you cached pages.