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New installation : pb with images gallery
  • II installed Feindura Demosite on my site. I managed to configure all elements. No problem on the text content.
    I have two questions or problems:
    - I have added a gallery of images on a page. For this I created a folder. The rights of the folder created by Feindura were: 0705. Is this normal? Because when I upload photos a error : #LOGOUT#. What is the meaning of this error ?
    More generally, where can I find the meaning of error codes ?

    Finally there are tutorials for layout (css design) has adapted feindura ?

    Best regards.
  • hi,

    the rights should be 755.
    The other error, is not clear for me. could it be that youre on a windows server?

    there is tutorial of how to implement feindura in any HTML/CSS website here:

  • Thank you for your help.
    in the administration of Feindura the file rights are 0755 but the file created by the file manager appeared in 0705.
    So I changed manualy the rights to 0755.
    I also checked the configuration paths in the administration of Feindura by reports ServerRoot as shown. Everything is normal.
    I have no idea of ​​the problem that occurs when transferring files.
    If necessary, I can provide you with private access to the administration site for potential control.
    The server is a Linux server with PHP 5.3.16.
    What bothers me is having the ability to create folders but not transfer files. This is the same access rights. By cons it could indicate that the problem is resizing the images.Mais I have the same problem if I transfer images without resizing it..
    My thanks for your time.
  • Hello, I started with confidence to start a new installation on a professional server different PHP 5.3 and several other websites on this server are operational with Joomla and CMS MS.
    All started well and I was able to quickly create a directory that was created in 0755. I then transferred the images and everything went well.
    This morning I resume activity and therefore confident after 2 hours of seizures menu texts and I decided to create a gallery. I created a directory and I start transferring images: # # SERVER LOGOUT. It really is extremely annoying because I would like to propose that CMS my interlocutors but this apparent instability without any explanation is blocking.
    I am willing to help you understand but it will take longer available because I need ahead of this project.
  • could you give me access to the admin backend? and perhaps an ftp login.
    i can try to figure it out myself.

    for me everything is working normal. the logout could be because its not transfering the session right. do you have flash installed? did you try another browser?

    alle the problems happen in the filemanager, right?
  • Thank you for your reply. Actually the only problems are in the file transfer. All works elsewhere.
    I use Firefox on two different computers. I also did a test on Google Chrome.
    You seem to point to a problem session "for me everything is working normal. the logout could be because its not transfering the session right" and how to check around this problem ?
    To verify my browser i install the last version of Flash and do another test to transfer file into feindura.
    I can give you a access in a private message.

    Complement 10mn later :
    I did try Google Chrome on two different computers and I have the same result:
    - Firefox -> problem,
    - Google Chrome -> ok
    Is there a specific configuration around Flash?
    Both browsers have a Flash version 11.
    But Firefox has WebDevelopper module. I disable the browser cache thanks to this tool. Do you know of an impact?
  • hm. the problem is that it sometimes didn't transfer the session through flash. the browser cache could cause this, but iam not sure about that.

    the filemanager itsself is a third party tool. i did some development in it, but iam not completely sure abaout all the modules. there is the flash upload module, where i tried already to fix the session transport... and i thought i did :)

    ia happy to hear that its at least working in chrome for you.
    would be good i you could figure out why this is happening in firefox for you, so i can implement a fix.

  • Hello, I will try to help you. I am a developer in PHP, JS and a bit in Flash.
    One of the concerns frequently encountered is the management of accented characters in French. For example, when I put the plugins gallery, the name that appears on the screen in the box of the gallery is "galérie". As the focus is not managed. Where are stored the translations for this plugins? I made ​​the change and I redo a test.
    I made several tests on different configurations (Firefox, Google Chrome, Nautilus, Opera ...) only Firefox problem.
    I changed the configuration of Firefox by disabling the module Webdevelopper and especially Firebug. But nothing better. Do you have other ideas for me?
    The session: how to test the session with the filemanager plugin ?
  • you can only test the session, if you go into the /cms/library/controllers/filemanager.php
    and echo there the $_SESSION variable.
    but it should work fine, the only time it isn't working is when you use the flash uploader. (the probel is you can upload, once you echo the session var. because it will not return the needed directory list.)

    the languages of the plugins are in each plugin e.g. /cms/plugins/imageGallery/lang/

    the main langauge files are in /cms/library/language/

    as soon as i find time i will take a look in my firefox too and see if it makes problems.
  • I made many changes to the language files fr-FR.
    But it did not change the order of the file manager.
    I did a test with Google Chrome at the moment and it works very well. It is embarrassing to have no line of research.
    You said it is a third party component. Is there a forum? Or assistance? for feedback ...
    I am at your disposal if you want to perform tests.
    Best regards
  • send me the fixed lang files, when and i will add them to the next version. (fabian at

    the file manager has only issues on github, but every fork frm different people is different, right no there is only my version working for feindura.


    and others here: