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unique side sub menu
  • hey there, how are you?
    i have my website running and all is working great. exept for one thing...
    i want to creat a page that has a dinamic side menu, different from the sub drop down menu.
    and the menu items automaticly add when i creat new category pages for that specific page.
    here is the main page in the main menu :
    clicking on any link goes to the specific page category like such :
    this is the main category page i am talking about, that is not visible on the menu. (i will feed the links in the main page maually.)
    *this is a template demo site that im re-building successfuly with feindura (localy at the moment).
    hope my questions are clear. and thank you for your time and patience,
    Ofer Ziv
  • hi ofer,

    i am not exactly sure what you mean, but when i understood right then you want to know, how to add the sidebar menu to a page.
    You can do this by just using the "createMenu" method.

    then you can create new pages in this category and they will be shown in the sidebar menu.
    <div class="sidebar">
    foreach($feindura->createMenu('category',2) as $item) { // 2 is here the ID of the category
    echo $item['item'];
  • Hey,
    Thanks a lot for your answer.
    I have the creatMenu method already on the page for my main menu and it works great.
    I'm looking to creat another menu for a specific page(and page categories) that is not connected to the main menu.
    I want that for every category page I'm creating another menu item will automatically add (for all category pages as well).
    What I also lack is the knowledge of how to implant it on the page.

    Hope I made my self a bit clearer this time.
    Please help :)
  • you can use the createMenu method for all menus, not only for the main menu.
    because you use as the second parameter the ID of the category,you want to list, it won't list your main menu...
    how you style it depends then on your css.
  • Yes, I understand. Thank you.
    But how do I place this menu on a specific page ID and in its specific place? like you can see on this page :
    Sorry for 2 many questions..
  • achso ...

    yeah what i would do is either, make it a subcategory of the page and use the createSubCategory method, or make just:
    if($feindura->page == 23) {
    foreach($feindura->createMenu('category',2) as $item) { // 2 is here the ID of the category
    echo $item['item'];
  • Ok thanks again.
    Will try tomorrow and let you know how it went :)
    What about the way to tell where to place the menu on the page?
  • You tell it where to place it beacuse you put this php code somwhere in you HTML structure... like
    <div class="header">
    <div class="main">
    <div class="sidebar">
    Main content goes here
    <div class="sidebar">
    // sidebar menu script goes here
    <div class="footer">

    hope that helps..
  • SUCCESS !!
    you are the best man.
    hope some day i could return a favor :)>-
  • iam happy to hear that.
    you can return a favor by donating something :)