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image gallery
  • hey Fabian, how are you?
    I have another question if i may.. (there's gonna be a lot of them LOL).
    what is the best way to integrate an image gallery, not the one in the plugins.
    my purpose is that the client could manage the photos easly (adding, changing, removing).
    I hope i'm making my seld clear enough.
    thanks in advance,
    Ofer Ziv
  • there are some free image galleries with upload function out there. but why you dont want to use the one from the plugins? Thher the client can manage photos etc..
  • thanks for the quick response (again) ;;)
    few examples :
    1. a template that has an image gallery in it.
    2. a mobile site with a responsive gallery.

    what i've done so far is to paste the gallery HTML and let the user copy & paste an with all the data in it and chage the img name and caption. but i asume it's not the best way..
  • basically the image gallery plugin provides you with just
    <div class="feinduraPlugin_imageGallery">
    <a href="linktoimage" data-milkbox="..."><img src="linktotghumbnail"></a>
    <a href="linktoimage" data-milkbox="..."><img src="linktotghumbnail"></a>
    <a href="linktoimage" data-milkbox="..."><img src="linktotghumbnail"></a>

    so with css you can change the look and behavior of the image gallery as you wish. this can then be responsive, or whatever. The plugin itself dont really limit you, only how much CSS you know limits you ;)

    an example of this plugin in a responsive website is this one i made:

    just scroll down and look a t the image gallery as you resize the browser.
  • thanks. but what if i want to use a slider gallery and not a lightbox one? can i still use the plugin?
  • you mean an sildeshow? then use the slideshow plugin :)
    if you want to use a different gallery js library or something, you probably have to create your own plugin. basically you just can copy the image gallery plugin and change the library you use and how its displayed in the plugin.php and the imageGallery class. there is no easier way, sorry..
  • ok, thanks alot..