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admin login credits missing
  • Hello

    First of all: I am very excited in trying your system!

    I downloaded, unzipped into my wamp directory, opened the demo website, all perfect.
    But, now I want to login to the cms, sadly I can't because either the user doesn't exist or the password is not correct.

    Do I need to adjust a page directly? If so, which one?

    Thx for your time
  • hm... there shouldn't exist an user.. if so try to go to the /cms/config/ folder and delete the user.config.php
  • That worked perfect, thank you.

    I presume the first thing to do is to create a user registered as admin?
  • you can, but if your using it in an local enviroment, you dont need a user.
  • But, you need to do this when publishing online?

    I actually found out what happened. I put another one in a new map, went to the back end, clicked on users, new user, and clicked on another menu item without filling out name and all that of the user. Apparently it did save that user (without credentials) which stopped me from logging into the backend.
  • yeah, this was probably the cause. when you add a new user, id adds him already even if there is now username. he then has just an ID.
  • Maybe something to put a failsafe on?
  • technically its easier like this, but probably i should think about it..