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Saving Chinese content results the whole content being deleted
  • Hello, I tried to develop multilingual site of English, Italian and Chinese Simplified. But it seems that it does not work with some Chinese characters. For certain characters added to the content, it triggers the whole content deletion. Perhaps this has something to do with how Feindura saves its content with improper encoding? What is the default character encoding and where can I set it?

    Editing is working just fine and I can see all Chinese characters printed within the editing window. But as soon as I save it, it results the whole content deletion. What could be the issue here?

    Thank you in advanced.
  • hi,

    i never tried chinese, but you can try to deactivate the "Safe html" in admin settings -> html editor settings.
    this is the only thing which comes to my mind , which could cause this.
  • That seems to work after deactivating the Safe HTML setting. What benefits I miss by disabling it?

    Is there any bad side effect if I intermittently disable/enable Safe HTML? For example, during editing Chinese I disable it, then afterward I enable it again for other languages.

    Thank you.