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Selected Editing of content
  • Hi fabian
    love what you have done so far and i might just be covering something you are developing the front end for feindura, but an option i have recently seen in a simple cms was the ability to control the editing.

    Generally after a site is designed the customer might want to change the text / replacement image or you might only want them to change the true content and not alter or have access to any of the layout control ..

    it gets interesting around 6:36 the system is called jaequery but the front end edibility of true content was really impressive so stops damage to format and layouts etc etc.

    maybe be have at tag system which worked with a few layers
    level 1 - content wording / image replacing
    level 2 - alter wording / image with the ability to alter close related tags (ie alt , title) etc
    level 3 - allows free rain over editable block

    i look forward to trying out feindura and look forward to any future development

    thanks and kind regards
  • hi,

    thank your for the input.

    i planned to use Inline CKEditor for a fronted editing mode. I also wanted to include a feature where you set an editable area in the backend editor, which then becomes editable in the fronted. The rest of the page, will then only be editable in the backend.

    But right now i'm busy with other things, and it doesnt seem that i will be any time soon able to work further on feindura.
    so if your interested in implementing such a feature you're free to fork feindura in github and work on it :)