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Show only last 4 blog posting
  • Maybe easy, but I thought I would ask here. How can I get this to only display the last 4 posting of a subcategory instead of all of the subcategories. I don't want my page to get to long. I used the code that came with feindura, and I don't fully understand php, but I use trial and error. Can you help me.
    if($currentPage['id'] == 10) {
    $feindura->titleAsLink = true;
    $pagesWithDate = $feindura->listPageByDate(true,true,'category',$currentPage['subCategoryId'],50);
    echo '<<br>><<hr>>';
    foreach ($pagesWithDate as $pageWithDate) {
    echo '<<h2>>'.$pageWithDate['title'].'<</h2>>';
    echo $pageWithDate['pageDate'];
    echo $pageWithDate['content'];
    echo '<<br>><<br>><<hr>>';
  • hi,

    first why you use the double <<?

    to show only the last 4 postings you have to count and then break the foreach loop like this:
    $count = 1;
    foreach ($pagesWithDate as $pageWithDate) {
    echo '<h2>'.$pageWithDate['title'].'</h2>';
    echo $pageWithDate['pageDate'];
    echo $pageWithDate['content'];
    echo '<br><br><hr>';
    if($count == 4)
  • Great! Thanks, and I only used the double << on here to get the code to show instead of rendering the code. <br />
  • nice that it helps.
  • Hopefully this will be the last time I have a question on this project. I want to change the more link that is added at the end of the blog posting snippets. I have been crawling files and I haven't found it yet. Can you point me in the direction so that I can change the "... more" to "...interesting"
  • hi Antoinne,

    parameter number 5 ($shortenText) of the listPagesByDate() method says:

    (optional) number of the maximal text length displayed, adds a "more" link at the end or FALSE to not shorten. You can also pass an array: value 1: text length as int, value 2: text string for the link, or a link string.

    e.g. array(23,false), array(23,'read more'), or array(23,'<a href="%href%"'> read more'). (the %href% will be replaced by the pages href)

    So in case you want to add another text just write: array(100,'read more').
    If you want to add a button image or so use array(100,'<a href="%href%"><img ...></a>')

    hope that helps,