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creat menu to open lightbox gallery
  • howdy :)
    I have something a bit challenging now..
    i need a code that creates a list item, that when clicked opens a lightbox overlay window (prettyPhoto).
    the overlay window is acually a gallery that contains multiple anchor tags, all with : rel="prettyPhoto[gallery1] / gallery2.. and so on.
    i need each gallery to be on a different page/category page -> when creating a new category page it creats the list item.

    the html code now looks like this :
    <div class="gallery clearfix gridA">
    <a href="images/before_after/1.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[gallery1]" >gallery 1</a>
    <a href="images/before_after/2.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[gallery1]" ></a>
    <a href="images/before_after/3.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[gallery1]" ></a>
    <a href="images/before_after/4.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[gallery1]" ></a>

    you can see the live example here :
    dont mind the lang, just click on the anchors :)

    the site itself is a single page website with jquery parallax .
    hope you can help sensei ^:)^
  • not to much honor please :)

    do you want to create a single page layout (didn't you already?) or add a picture gallery?

    if you want to add a picture gallery, why not using the imageGallery plugin.
    for that you dont need to create a pager per pic, you just activate the plugins for the category, where you want to have the gallery and then you select the imageGallery plugin in the page.

  • hey,
    i cannot use the gallery on this site because i need many different galleries that opens on overlay window (like lightbox) when clicking an anchor text line (such as "galley 1" "gallery 2" and so on)
    check out the link i sent and you will see :
  • ok i see.

    i dont know exactly how you want to archive this with multiple pages.

    but the best way to do that is to go to the plugins/imageGallery/plugin.php

    and create the html needed there, or in the imageGallery.php
    means create a new plugin based on my imageGallery plugin

    only that way you can create the ul list you need automatically and also be able to add pictures in an easy and nice way.

    the other option would be to add the ul code by hand, everytime you add a new page.

    the last option would be to use my imageGallery plugin and wrap it in a div, with a fixed height, so you can only see the first 5 or so images.
    when you then click on one image, you can skip through all the others too. either by left right key or the arrows in the corner.

    you can add multiple imageGalleries to one page, so you can add galleries for different event etc.

    hope that helps.