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menu current class
  • Hey Fabian , how are you?
    I have used your cms a few times since my last question here, and it works wonderful.
    now i'm having the weirdest problame.
    i'm using the createMenu method and it works fine accept that it wont show the menus current class, that is the current page im on each time.
    the current class works fine in the html static menu like so : Home
    whats even weirder is that the menu works fine no matter what class i assing to it : I can put ul.whatever and it still works the same.
    do you have any kind of explenation to that?
    Ofer Ziv
  • hi,

    thanks for the compliment.

    the current page class is "active". you can change that class name by setting the $linkActiveClass property.

    the rest i don't understand. :)

    the ul.classname is the class name which wil be add to the <ul class="whatever name">...</ul>. This have nothing to do with the current page. The $linkActiveClass property will be add to the <li> and the <a> element of that specific page.

    but consider that this works only, if the $feindura->page property is the current page...

    hope that helps (?)
  • thanks !! you are the best.
    i have changed the class in the css to active insted of current.