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if menu item exists
  • hey there.
    i want to check if a menu item exists in a category,(or to be more precise, if a page exists in a category) if it does i want to echo the item and in not i want to echo a custom message.
    can you help me figure out how to to this?
    this is what i use now:
    foreach($feindura->createMenu('category',12,'ul.list1') as $item) { 
    echo $item['item'];

  • hey, did you miss this by any chance? can you help me with this one?
    the menu code works just fine but i cant figure out how to echo a message like "there are no items in this category" if category is empty.
  • i currently working full time as javascript developer, therefore feindura is on a hold. i also didn't code php in a while :)

    but you could simply check if the returned createMenu array is empty and echo something if it is like so:
    $items = $feindura->createMenu('category',12,'ul.list1');
    if (empty($items)) {
    echo 'There are no items in this category.';
    } else {
    foreach($items as $item) {
    echo $item['item'];