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Hosting a site in a subfolder pretty links 404 error
  • I get this when trying to view a page or link after setting everything up correctly.

    The requested URL /hosting/iam/page/home/ was not found on this server.

    When I use the variables everything is fine, just wanted to see if anyone could help me with this as I want to be able to link to pages using the pretty links.
  • did you set the websites path correctly in the admin settings?

    you have the to add the subfolder there e.g. "/subfolder/"
  • yeah the path is set correctly, but I think it is a hosting issue. The actual domain name comes from another provider. I am just hosting on my server.
  • hm, when the domain points to the subfolder try to set to "/"
  • won't let me set the "/" at the end of the subfolder in hosting directory
  • hm.. sorry dont know really how to workaround on this. i thought i made it possible to enable pretty urls in subfolders. on my testnig it worked :( i guess you have to disable pretty urls until you go online with a subdomain.

    did you try to access the cms through the subdomain?
  • yeah it allows me to go into the cms,
  • Can I send you a login so you can take a look at it and see
  • ok, send me as pm
  • nevermind I figured it out. The root htaccess file was where all of the rewrites were being written to. I just copied the information from that file into the subfolder htaccess file and it worked. Not sure why, but as long as it works.
  • super!
    yes it writes into the root .htaccess file..