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Startpage slider of recent pages/news
  • asked by Arashk Rajabpour by e-mail

    hi fabian, how i can make slider with photo and discription for recent news or recent pages?
  • i would add a page thumbnail and a page date to each page (of a news category for example).
    Then on the startpage you could use the simple slider script from jQuery or Mootools and you use the[Implementation]/Feindura.html#createMenuByDate or[Implementation]/Feindura.html#listPagesByDate method to get all pages sorted by date from that category.
    if($feindura->startPage == $feindura->page) {
    // slider divs etc..
    // if you only need the thumbnail and the title i would use createMenuByDate() (its faster)
    // if you need the content or the description use listPagesByDate()
    // the 2 is the ID of the category you choose (the pages in there need to have a pagedate)
    foreach($feindura->listPagesByDate(true, false, 'category', 2, 100, false) as $page) {
    // echo other slider script divs etc...
    echo $page['thumbnail'];
    // echo text block divs...
    echo $page['title'];
    echo $page['description']; // or echo $page['content']; // which is shortened to 100 characters (see above)
    // slider closing divs etc..

    You can then use the $page['thumbnail'] to use as the picture and the $page['title'] or $page['description'] to use as text and place it, where the slider script needs it.

    hope that helps.