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Set-up a default language for a site
  • Hallo,
    I'm wonder if there is any way to set up a default language for a site(without having a multilingual site) - like set it by default in Romanian instead of English?

    What's the use of uploading a thumbnail for a page? I haven't noticed any change in front end, only in back end there is a thumb for a page?

    PS> I think that it's a good idea to have a "how to" section on this forum - where people asks questions and get response to them from others. Just a suggestion.

  • thanks for the suggestion i add add a how to category.

    1. default language:
    normally feindura chooses the browser language as default language, but you can set it manually by giving the Feindura class a country code as the first parameter (see[Implementation]/Feindura.html#__construct)
    $feindura = new Feindura('ro');

    Another way is, to use the "setLanguage" method
    $feindura = new Feindura();

    2. the thumbnail

    The thumbnail in the back alone changes nothing.
    you have to use it in the fronted somehow. For example the $pageContent array returned by the "showPage" method contains this thumbnail or the $item array returned by all "createMenu" methods contain it as well.

    You can check the content of the returned arrays using the "DebugTools::dump()" method, which comes with feindura.
    $currentPage = $feindura->showPage();
    // to see whats inside this array write this
    // then you can show the thumbnail and the content
    echo $currentPage['thumbnail'];
    echo $currentPage['content'];

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks again for the suggestion.