feindura 2.0 released

I finally made it to release feindura 2.0. Check out the demo here.

Its pretty easy, just download the feindura + demo site package and copy it to your local server to try!

For you guys who want to update from a previous version of feindura you have to consider some changes i made, and fix them in you web sites code when updating.

  • The createMenu() methods now return and array instead of a string, which gives you more flexibility when creating web sites.
  • I moved the /upload/ folder inside the feindura folder, if it couldn't move it automatically, move it manually to the  /cms/upload/ folder.
  • If you used Speaking URLs you have to delete your .htaccess or remove the feindura speaking URLs code and activate it again in the admin settings.
  • There are some new methods to use now, like createSubMenu(), check out the docs for  more.
  • I removed almost all old parameters from the createMetaTag() method and add new ones.
  • The image gallery plugin has changed, so if your still want to use the old image gallery, check if it changed your galleries to the "imageGalleryFromFolder" plugin.
  • I changed the plugin system, the include.php is now named plugin.php and you can now write echo  inside the plugin.php and you don't have to return it anymore.
  • The listPagesByDate() and createMenuByDate() method has now a changed order of its parameters, please take a look at the docs.
  • Removed the $breakafter parameter from all createMenu() methods. use now array('table',4) instead in the $menuTag parameter