feindura 1.1.6 released

This release brings some minor changes. Thanks to Konstantin Z. (web-minimalist.ru) for the russian translation.

Overview over the changes:

  • The "xHtml" Property of the Feindura-class is now by default set to False, this means no HTML-Tag ends in "/>".
  • If you create a new page, you can now use another page as template.
  • If you set an internal link to another feindura page, it uses creates them now as the following: /category/subpages/footer/?session=d64338d3720abb2cf054b4d896f1b0db2274a3ad, this helps to automatically create SpeakingURLs.
  • Add new plugin slideShow. This plugin uses the NivooSlider from Johannes Fischer (www.johannes-fischer.de/labs/nivoo-slider) to create a slidhow of pictures.
  • The createMetaTags() method of the Feindura-class, doesn't create robot txt and revisit after Meta-Tags anymore, because they are not liste in the W3C specs.
  • Add two new Feindura-class properties: $linkPageDateSeparator und $titlePageDateSeparator.
  • The returned array of the showPagelistPageslistPagesByTagslistPagesByDatelistPagesBySortFunction method has now next to the pageDate (whe the page date of this category is activated) also a pageDateTimestamp value, so you can format the date on your own. See here.
  • The useHtml parameter of the showPage (listPages, ...) methods can now have next to True/False, also a string with allowed HTML-Tags.
  • The shortenText parameter of the showPage (listPages, ...) methods can now have, next to the number of characters, an array. The first element is the number of characters and the second is a link, or link text, which get add after the shortened text, instead of the "more" link.
  • fixed the thumbnail pciture issue in the FileManager.